Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an Order?


To place an order, select the service you would like from the service selection pages. Step 1 is to input your details. Step 2 is to upload your files at this point or link to your download location.

How do I upload my files?


Uploads to our servers can only be in .zip or .rar compressed files. Please ensure that your audio is placed into one of these file types before uploading on our website. You can upload your files using our upload button when you are selecting a service. Please remember that large files take time to upload. You will get a message telling you if the upload was successful.


You can also use a download provider of your choice (We recommend Dropbox). Use the text field on the product order page to give us the download link.

I use Pro Tools, can I just send you the session?

Yes. Please zip it and upload as normal during the order process.

Do I pay before you mix?


No. We do not charge until you are ready to receive the finished mix. This gives you the chance to sample our work without worrying about getting ripped off.

If  you don't like the mix sample of your track we send to you, you get 2 free revisions. If your still not happy, you can cancel the order. No money lost. This is the ethos behind our business, helping out the up and coming artists who can't afford studios charging for sub standard work.

What is a mix revision?


A mix revision is an opportunity to give feedback on a mix we have done for you and ask for changes to be made. Most studios will allow a single revision, we offer 2. Any more revisions will be chargeable however.

What is the turnaround for a mix/master?


We don't like the whole 48hr turnaround business model. Mixing cannot be rushed. So we advise up to 7 days for a first draft mix, after which you can make your revisions if needed for a final mix.
Mastering we would advise up to 3 days.

What file types do you accept for mixing/mastering?

We accept most DAW audio formats, including .WAV .AIF etc. We do however ask that you supply WAV. You can send MP3 if you wish but the audio quality of MP3 is not that great and it is highly compressed.

How would you like the tracks prepared for mixing?


For Mixing - Please bounce all your audio tracks with the same start and finish time. This means that all the tracks will be in the correct arrangement when I import the tracks into my DAW. There should be no processing applied (No EQ, Compression, reverb etc), just the raw tracks. Tracks should be a minimum sample rate of 48Khz and bit depth of 24Bits. This ensures best audio quality without too much file size.

For Mastering - The same general rules apply as above, but please ensure that the stereo track you send doesn't peak. The track you send must have a maximum peak of -3dB (preferably -6dB).

Can I send a mp3 of a guide mix i have done?


We actually like people to do this. If you have tried mixing the track, let us hear it. It will help us understand your requirements better. Put the mp3 in the zip or rar folder and upload it with your files.

Can I sit in on a session?


Unfortunately this service is an unattended online service. We feel however that our generous mix revisions will allow you ample time to participate in the mix process.

Do you provide a master CD?


No. We provide your finished mix as a downloadable MP3 and WAV at 44.1Khz or 48Khz, 16 or 24bit, dependant on what you want. We can also provide the session itself at an extra cost.

How do I download my finished product(s)


When you are satisfied with the product, we will email a link to your product on our web store, where you will need to open an account. This is for security purposes to ensure the correct person is recieving the product. You can then make payment and the files will be available in the download section of 'your account' on the web store.

Do you provide ISRC codes with your mastering?

Sorry we do not. We hope to do this in the near future.